Strix Screech 5″ Frame



  • True X arm configuration.
  • Plenty of room on the plates allows you to add your equipment without feeling like you are stuffing a turkey.
  • Quick change boomerang arms. (Remove 2 bolts to remove)
  • Fits most mini and micro cams on the market today and offers plenty of protection.
  • 30x30mm or 20x20mm stack mounting.
  • Quasi-weave carbon fiber gives the most strength possible in all directions.


  • 235mm Motor to Motor
  • Carbon Fiber
    • Boomerang Arms: 5mm with beveled edge
    • Top Plate: 1.5mm
    • Middle Plate: 2.0mm
    • Bottom Plate: 2.0mm
  • Stock Standoffs: 20mm, Knurled
  • Dry Frame Weight with TPU FPV mount and TPU antenna mount: 97.1g
  • Propellers: 5″ or 5.5″ (with slight modification)

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Slight scratch on arm from shipping

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